How to Effectively E-mail Your Mailing List… E-Newsletter!

Have you ever noticed that some or most fans on your Mailing List become non-responsive after a short while? Or that your E-mail blasts to the 500 people on your Mailing List are NOT generating CD Sales or a very high crowd attendance? Again, it comes back to you making EACH Show Special, and you “selling” each show to your fans. You have to convince them to come out to the show and entice them. It's not enough just to give them show info and tell them that you hope to see them there! That's not interesting… Show listings are boring. No deals? Not too effective.

So What Am I Supposed To Write?
Make the E-mails you send to your Mailing List more of an E-Newsletter. Make it EXCITING! Explain why each show is special, and REMIND your Mailing List that only they are offered your special deals so they should take advantage of them! That way, they will actually read the E-mails you send them and they will find value and find connection with each one.

Focus on the true meaning behind one of your songs, talk about stories from the recording studio or from band rehearsal. Tell stories about some recent shows, or explain why the fans that weren't at the last show really missed out. Talk about any major event that has happened in a band member's life--maybe some fans can relate to what the band member is going through. ANYTHING you can think of to make your E-mails something worth reading! When you include your show listings, explain WHY each show is special. Explain what special things you are doing for the show--such as is it “date night?” Is the show “Singles Night?” Does this show have an after party? After this show, is the band inviting everyone out for pizza somewhere to hang out?

Your fans will be MUCH more likely to attend your next show if you explain how much fun it is going to be and explain how they can bring friends to get free merch and other special deals. (You are offering these deals to your fans, right? Deals To Offer Fans So That They Bring Out Friends). Not only that, but including content that shows them more of YOU and what your music is about will connect them even further to what you are doing! So stop sending E-mails that are boring and that fail to connect your fans to you. Start being creative and sending out E-Newsletters that your fans will WANT to read every time they appear in their inbox!