PLAYING LIVE: Why You Are Missing Out on Potential Fans& CD Sales

When it comes to moving your career forward, there is no better tool at your disposal than your live show. Possibilities such as connecting with your existing fans, making new fans, expanding your Mailing List, and selling CD’s and other merch make it vitally important that you maximize the effectiveness of your live show both on and off stage.

Many artists fail to use their stage time to effectively accomplish their goals of expanding their fan base, mailing list, and selling more CD’s. Not only must the artist play their music well--they must also be visually stimulating and interesting on stage and give the audience a more in depth look into their music. Remember, if you’re taking Mailing List Cards into the crowd and meeting people BEFORE you take the stage, (You are doing this aren’t you?--Mailing List Cards), once on stage you will have a much easier time connecting with new fans and keeping their attention because they will have already met you and heard about what you’re doing.

Not many people will become a fan simply because they like your songs. People are looking for an artist with an exciting personality that they can feel a real connection with. There is no better place to accomplish this than at your shows, and there is no better way to move your career forward than to make the most of the opportunity they present. It is vital that you do everything you possibly can while onstage to make the most of your pre-show promotion!