The Importance of Having an Excited Crowd at the Front of the Stage Every Time You Play!

Have you noticed the atmosphere of the crowd while you see a famous band perform? The crowd is right up against the stage during sound check, even before the band takes the stage! THAT is what you need to happen at every show you play. When people that don’t know who you are, or haven’t seen you play live, notice a crowd bunched right up against the stage while you sound check, they will be more interested in watching your show. The impression that this makes on the crowd is HUGE, and opens them up to not only staying and paying attention to your set, but also introduces you in their minds as something worth seeing.

The people that your band members met out in the crowd before you went onstage (you did introduce yourself to everyone and get them on your Mailing List right? Growing Your Mailing List 10 Times Faster ), will be even more impressed by you as an artist when they see you already have a significant following. Even if you only draw 15-30 people, having those people up at the front of the stage looks good. Just let your fans know at the show that you really need them right up in front of the stage from sound check to the last song to get the rest of the crowd interested--they will gladly do it once they find out how much it will help you out.

Also, right before you play, or during the intro of your first song, invite the crowd to take 10 steps forward and come up toward the stage. Most of the time this will get the crowd up and bunched in with your current fans. If the floor is empty, it’s hard to get people to come up toward the stage--but if your fans are already at the front of the stage people are more willing to take a few steps forward. You can also offer a FREE CD giveaway and explain that everyone needs to come up toward the stage for when that happens. Or you can just explain you can’t see everyone way back there and they need to come up so that you can see them. See what works best at getting the people to step up more toward the stage. You need to make the audience feel like a part of your live show--and it’s hard to do that when most of the crowd is toward the back of the room and not near the stage. Speak with confidence and speak clearly, and this simple act will yield a much better live show since more people will be on the floor instead of at the back of the room! This all starts by having your fans at the front of the stage from your sound check to your last song. So, start making sure that you have a crowd at the front of the stage every time you play!

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