The Power of Stickers & Buttons

If you don’t have stickers and 1-inch buttons, GET THEM NOW. Shop around online for the best prices, but you can get 100 1-inch buttons for about $15-$20. You can get 1,000 stickers for about $90, or 9 cents a piece! In your fans minds these items are worth more than that. So even though these items cost you pennies, in your fans’ minds they are getting a $1, $2, or even $3 item for FREE. You can also sell the stickers and buttons at your shows and online as well to help recoup some of the costs. Your mindset with stickers and buttons should NOT be to make money. You should mainly use these items to get your name out and to use for Deals You Offer Your Fans. You can even tell your fans that they get a free sticker if they promise that they’ll put it on their car. Isn’t it worth 9 cents if your fans are driving around town with your band logo on their car?

You will need the graphic layout for your buttons or stickers. Either find a friend who is good at graphic design or look online. You should easily be able to find someone who can do good designs for as low as $15 per design, or for free. Whoever you decide to buy the stickers or buttons from will tell you which format and how big the graphic design should be. Also be sure to include your website on each sticker!

It makes your band look much more professional when you have stickers and buttons. So GET THEM ASAP, they won’t cost you much at all and they are something you need to start using right away. Remember, Buttons and Stickers are items you can give out that have a high value in your fans’ minds, but costs you just pennies.

Note: Having as many different types of merch as you can is a great idea. Stickers, buttons, T-shirts, sweatshirts, thongs, hats, posters, photos, bandannas, etc. Anything you can think of that your fans may want. The more diverse selection you have the more “deals” your fans can cash in on. If you only have a CD and stickers than within 1-2 shows your fans will essentially own all of your merch!