Anything you can give your fans that has high value in their minds but costs you very little is something that you can help expand your fan base with and use in the deals that you offer your fans. You can easily make a LIVE DVD or MAKING THE ALBUM DVD with a camcorder and a computer. Macs come with iMovie, and many Windows PC's have video editing software that is free or reasonably priced. Blank DVD's are about $1 or less each, and most computers now come with DVD burners. You can even look for a friend or someone at a local college who could help you edit your footage for free or for a class project, or you could just do it yourself. You can have friends video tape some live shows and then edit them together for a live DVD.

You can use the audio from the camera, OR you can just synch up the video footage with audio from your CD. This is easy to do if your drummer already plays, or can play, to a metronome during your set. Or you can just edit it to where everything is pretty synched up. If you have studio footage you can edit it together to show your fans the making of your CD. Creating a DVD will further connect them to what you are doing, as well as create a new piece of merchandise to sell--and to give out in the deals you are offering your fans. Once finished, you can sell your DVD for $5, $10, or even $15 depending on how well it turned out. Then you can also offer a FREE DVD in the deals offered to your fans when they bring a certain amount of friends. Be creative, and find out how to use the low cost of digital camcorders and DVD burners in your favor.