Afton provides these resources so that artists can break free from many common misconceptions, start thinking for themselves, and start identifying strategies that work best for them--so that can reach the success that they want to achieve. Afton is happy to do so FREE of charge; because they have seen so many artists fail to reach their full potential due to a simple lack of information. This is frustrating, because Afton works with literally thousands of talented and hard working musicians on a daily basis--many of whom fall short of their goals only because they're relying on ineffective tactics to grow their career.

Feel free to PRINT OUT the materials provided for yourself to study further or for other artists you know, (as long as you are not selling them), feel free to send your friends to this site, and if you find anything that works or doesn't work let Afton know so that they can pass that along to other members of the music community!

Afton wants to see major positive changes in Local Music where local artists are drawing well, selling more CDís and other merchandise, and having as much FUN as possible sharing their art and their passion onstage. Whether you play shows with Afton once per year or two times per month, Afton wants to see you succeed and wants you to have as much FUN as possible in the process.

Afton Artist Resources